Make South Africa Passport / Visa Photo Online

How idPhotoDIY works

Step 1: Take passport photo using smart phone or digital camera.

  • Take the photo in front of a plain background such as white wall or screen.
  • Make sure that there are no other objects in the background.
  • Make sure there are no shadows on your face or on the background.
  • Position the camera in the same height as the head.
  • Shoulders should be visible, and there should be enough space around the head for cropping the photo.

Step 2: Upload the photo to make passport size photo.

Upload photo to make South Africa visa photo

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Passport Photo Size and Requirements

  • Photos must be 4.5 x 3.5 cm in size.
  • Your face takes up 29-34 mm or 70 – 80% of the photograph.

Example Photos

South Africa passport photo

South africa passport photo

South africa passport photo

Other Passport / Visa Photo Rules, Guidelines, and Specifications

  • Two identical colour photos for passports
  • Two identical colour or black and white photos for IDs
  • Must not be more than one (1) month old.
  • Size must be 35mm in width and 45mm in height.
  • The photographs must show close-up of your head and top of your shoulders so that your face takes up 70 – 80% of the photograph.
  • The photographs must be of high quality with no ink marks or creases and not damaged.
  • The photographs must show you looking directly at the camera.
  • The photographs have appropriate brightness and contrast.
  • The photographs must be printed on high-quality photo paper